Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The HIPPO Way to Wellness

Our theory is simple:  We believe that if you create a picture of wellness for yourself by connecting and balancing your 3 HIPPO dots* (think of a connect the dot puzzle), once you do, you will achieve wellness at the exact level that you visualize and expect life to be.  It is our belief that once you identify where you feel imbalance, then create a strategy to achieve balance and implement it, you will achieve the level of wellness that you desire.  The most exciting part of the HIPPO way to wellness is focussing on on wellness, not on illness to create the balance you desire to experience your life, your way.

*The HIPPO dots are 1. Hippocampus (Mind), 2. Hippocrates (Body) and 3. Hippopotamus (Nature)

Hippo Way Flow Chart-web

There are a few steps to take to get to your epic HIPPO way of wellness and the FIRST STEP is the most critical.  It is the commitment that this journey is about YOU and only YOU.  This is  your experience not your spouse’s, friend’s, children’s or family’s… this journey is yours and their journey is theirs.  That’s right, you need to selfishly look after yourself.

The SECOND STEP is to take sometime to understand the 3 HIPPO dots.  You will start to connect the in between elements later on.

1.  Hippocrates (the BODY):  This HIPPO, Hippocrates, was a physician who lived way back in 450-350 BCE, he has been viewed as the “grandfather” of modern medicine. His famous quote “Let Food Be Thy Medicine” is used over and over again on many Nutrition websites, blogs and texts. It is our food and the elements provided in nature that provide us with the fuel needed to heal the body and make it work.  Our bodies are perfect, self healing creations that are each individuals “house” to care for and use to experience the life that they live.  It is up to each individual to love and care for their body and fuel it naturally, by cleansing, balancing and building it to the best of their ability.

2.  Hippocampus (the MIND):   This HIPPO, Hippocampus, is a small region of the brain that is primarily associated with memory and spatial navigation.  The hippocampus has a direct effect on our emotions and how our body functions.  Our minds are powerful, filled with energy and capable of more effect on our state of wellness than most understand.  Our brain controls our focus, our hormones, our heart rate, our emotions, our actions, the list goes on and on…. keeping our minds healthy, alert and in control is a strategy worth putting into play.

3.  Hippopotamus (NATURE): This HIPPO, Hippopotamus, is the 3rd largest land mammal on the planet, they are fierce and live their lives on their terms.  Animals live uncomplicated lives, they live free, in their environment, surrounded by nature. Animals have been used as a source of healing in Native American healing arts and we have a lot to  learn about how to listen to our instincts by observing animal behaviour and interacting with them.  Nature  has an extensive list of items that it provides to us: beautiful animals, rich soil, food, air, water, earth, fire, minerals, the seasons, energy, the list is so abundant that we do not list them all here.  This HIPPO dot is one we have lost touch with in our high tech world and one that provides perspective and balance in a very impactful way. 

It is our belief that each of these areas of life impact our level of wellness on a daily basis throughout our entire lifespan.

It is the progressive deterioration, and imbalance of these dots and the connections in between that lead to our illnesses and symptoms that create the eventual shutting down of our bodily functions.

Your life is housed in your body for 80-100 years, if we do not care for each DOT and the connections in between with love, happiness and authentic focus, then our bodies self healing mechanisms will shut down and stop working properly.

We need to create a gorgeous strategy to this game of life that we play the playground that Nature has provided us.  We must look at each HIPPO dot and follow OUR individual connections, search deep within them, use the resources available for guidance and find our bliss of wellness in this life.  Sometimes focussing on what is going right is a better than what is going wrong.

In order to achieve your dream level of wellness, you must uncover your own path and follow it based on your personal effectiveness in these 3 areas and the connections in between.

Congratulation’s for getting this far!  We will be adding more guidelines and details in the months to come!  Fill in an email request form so we can notify you when the information is up on the site.

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